Glasswool is a high-tech and environmentally friendly product.It’s made of natural sand, to which is added recycled glass and melt. The material melts at 1100oC in an electric oven, centrifuged and forms a glass fiber, which have excellent thermal and sound insulation characteristics. Add to adhesive components and other specific elements, then the wool is compressed and folded in rolls
The mineral glass wool rolls are used for thermal insulation of buildings, and because of its structure, this insulation absorb noise and provide acoustic comfort in the room. The rolls don’t rot, they are resistant to aging, don’t cause corrosion or rust, don’t help the development of mold, mildew and fungi.
The mineral glass wood ODE STARFLEX is non-combustible material (class A1) in accordance with EN 13501 – 1 and DIN 4102 which is certified by CE.
It’s available in rolls and boards with different density – 12kg./m3 up to 100 kg./m3.


Mineral Galsswool rolls – 1200 х 15000 mm
Thicknesses Covering
50mm Rain forced alu foil

Temperature Range -40 °C to +250°C
Density 12 kg./m3
Thermal Conductivity λ λ=0.040 W/m K
Fire Class А1 - TS EN 13501-1 A
Water vapor diffusion µ=1,1
Covering Rain forced alu foil

Vacuumed (compressed) rolls , h=1200 mm, d= 400mm