ODE Ductflex flexible air ducts transport the conditioned or free air coming from the main channels arid distribute them to places. They consist of several layers of aluminium and polyester laminated and a bronze covered spiral steel wire inserted into the layers.The aluminium foil and the polyester layers are adhered and shifted with respect to each other and then are wrapped around the steel wire. By this technology, a continuous structure with several layers will be formed and therefore ODE Ductflex flexible air ducts have better mechanical and fire resistance.  

ISO Series Ducts consist of an inner duct, thermally insulated with a glasswool layer and provided with an outer jacket. They prevent heat loss/gain and condensation in ventilation systems. The ducts can be attached to round and oval connection parts without any problems.


Insulation thickness 25 mm
Density 16 kg/m?
Construction ALU FD/insulation
/outer layer
Max working pressure +2500 Pa
Max airflow speed 25 m/sec
Diameters 102 mm - 508 mm
Standard length 10 m
standard color Aluminium
Temperature range inner duct -30 °C / + 140 °C
Temperature range outer duct -30 °C / + 140 °C

Qty per box – 10 m.