3M™ Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strips are designed for use with PVC, PVCc, PE and PP plastic pipes penetrating through concrete floors, block and concrete walls, and gypsum stud walls. Wrap Strip easily slides into annular space and is topped with 3M™ Fire Barrier IC 15 WB+ and 3M™ Fire Barrier FB3000WT.
> In tumescent
> Adhesive closure tab for easy installation
> Expands 100x in volume
> Wrap Strip pre-cut to nominal pipe size


Article quantity per box
Tuck-in wrap strip ws 200 - 64 x 210 mm 24
Tuck-in wrap strip ws 300 - 64 x 292 mm 24
Tuck-in wrap strip ws 400 - 64 x 378 mm 24
Tuck in wrap roll ws - 64 x 2.5 m 12